19th     Highworth 5 (WRL & CC Race #1)                               Highworth         Road     5 m

26th     Clock Change Challenge                                              Calne                 Road    

28th     Aztec West 5K                                                           Bristol                T&F       5 km



Day    Event                                         Venue                                          Type     Distance

9th     Devizes Half Marathon          Devizes                                      Road     13.1

14th   Good Friday 10 miler              Chippenham                             Road     10 m

23rd   London Marathon                   London                                      Road     26.2 m

23rd   St George's 10k                       Corsham                                    Road     10 km

25th   Aztec West 5K                        Bristol                                         T&F       5 km




Day    Event                                              Venue                                        Type     Distance

7th     Trowbridge Colourific 5k (WRL & CC Race #3)Trowbridge          Road     5 km

7th     Bristol 10k                                   Bristol                                        Road     10 km

13th   Bratton Hilly Run                         Bratton                                      MT        11 km

28th   Dorchester Marathon & Casterbridge Half Dorchester               Road     26.2 m

30th   Aztec West 5km                          Bristol                                        T&F       5 km



Day    Event                                              Venue                                         Type     Distance

13th   Heddington 5k Series (WRL & CC Race #4)Heddington               Road     5 km

17th   Broad Town 5 (WRL & CC Race #5)Broad Town                          Road     5 m

21st    Chippenham Longest Day 10k  Chippenham                                MT        10 km

27th   Aztec West 5km                            Bristol                                          T&F       5 km



Day    Event                                           Venue                                         Type     Distance

9th     Two Tunnels 10k (WRL & CC Race #6)Bath                                 Road     10 km

11th   Heddington 5k Series (WRL & CC Race #4)Heddington               Road     5 km

16th   Frome Half Marathon              Frome                                          Road     13.1 m

16th   Frome 5k                                   Frome                                          Road     5 km

16th   Frome 10k                                 Frome                                          Road     10 km



Day    Event                                            Venue                                           Type     Distance

2nd     Bustard 5 (WRL & CC Race #7)Pewsey                                        Road     5 m

4th     Westonbirt House 10k           Westonbirt, Gloucestershire        Road     10 km

8th     Heddington 5k Series (WRL & CC Race #4)Heddington               Road     5 km

13th   Salisbury 54321                       Salisbury                                       MT        multi distances



Day    Event                                               Venue                                       Type     Distance

2nd    Malmesbury 10k                        Malmesbury                             Road     10 km

10th   Chippenham Half Marathon (WRL & CC Race #8)Chippenham   Road     13.1 m

17th   Bristol Half Marathon                  Bristol                                       Road     13.1 m

17th   Marlborough Temple Train Half MarathonMarlborough             MT       13.1

17th   Marlborough Tiny Temple 5 milerMarlborough                           MT       5 m



Day    Event                                             Venue                                       Type     Distance

1st      Cardiff Half Marathon                Cardiff                                       Road     13.1 m

1st      Cricklade Half Marathon           Cricklade                                   Road     13.1 m

15th   Grittleton 10k (WRL & CC Race #9)Grittleton                              Road     10 km

29th   Clock Change Challenge (WRL & CC Race #10)Calne                 Road     10 km



Day    Event                                         Venue                                           Type      Distance

19th    9 Bar Chilly 10k                     Castle Combe                                Road      10 km

19th    Sutton Benger Flyer 5           Sutton Benger                               Road      5 m

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