Race Series

Rules for the Road Race Series 2018

There are 7 races in the Devizes Running Club 2018 Race Series

These events are a mixture of Wiltshire Road Race League events (WRRL) and other local running races. This way, members are competing against each other within the club but also collectively for the club against the rest of Wiltshire in the WRRL races.


The first DRC runner will get 1 point, the 2nd will get 2 points and so on until all runners are accounted for. Non runners will get two points more than the number of points of the last runner of the highest attended race. The winner will be the runner with the least points at the end of the 7 races.

If there is a tie for the winners then the 7th race will be taken into consideration until a winner is established.

Awards will be made to the top three highest scoring men and women at the Presentation Night.

2018 Race Series Events

  1. Castle Combe 10k, 18th Feb / 18th November (Best time to count) - WRRL

  2. Calne Clock Challenge 10k, 25 March

  3. Compton Bassett 5 mile, 29 April - WRRL

  4. Chippenham 5 mile, Beginning June - WRRL

  5. Melksham 10k, 16th September

  6. Salisbury Half Marathon, 7 October - WRRL

  7. Grittleton 10k – 14 October

Why are we doing the Race Series?

  1. To encourage members to attend local races and compete in the WRRL

  2. To encourage competition within the club

  3. During the lead up to a Race Series event, we can focus our Tuesday Training Session on that event. Sessions are easier to coach if you have a goal.

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