Roundway Revenge marshal instructions

Thank you for agreeing to help at the 2019 Roundway Revenge. Your contribution is extremely important to the success (and safety) of the race.


Please read these instructions carefully as they contain all the information you require.



Simon Veitch - Race Director - 07711 994556

Ian Tuckett - First Aid - 07504 037511

Please ensure these are saved in your phone book prior to the day.



• You will have been allocated a role either at HQ (Sports Club) or on the course.

• The sweep runner is Sophie Edwards.



ALL marshals are to meet at 8am at the rear of Devizes Sports Club.

Here you will receive your marshal briefing by Mike Britton, sign in and collect the following items:

• Hi-viz marshal vest

• Marshal lanyard which includes medical information

• Directional arrow (in case you need to leave your position)



To view the HQ rota and marshal positions, please visit the file section of the DRC Facebook members page by clicking here.

If you have been allocated a marshal position, you can check it's exact location on a map, by clicking here.



07:30 - Registration opens

08:00 - Marshal briefing at rear of Sports Club

08:45 - All marshals to be in position

09:00 - Race starts from Quakers Walk



• The roads are not closed for this event.

• Be visible at all times, follow the Highway Code and stay safe.

• You can make other road users aware of approaching runners, but marshals CANNOT STOP traffic on public highways. Please note that vehicles are permitted on the tracks on Roundway Hill. You may encounter agricultural vehicles, 4x4s and persons using the area for recreation (especially dog walking). Please also be aware of horses.

• Unless otherwise stated, all runners should be on the right-hand side at all times, unless instructed otherwise. On all road crossings, keep runners to the left hand side until safe to cross. Be polite but firm. No runners are to cross in front of moving traffic.  



• Your role is to support runners, make them aware of approaching vehicles and ensure they are following the race route.

• Help runners by clearly indicating which way they should be going (put one arm out to point direction; give verbal instruction if appropriate, particularly if route is changing direction etc). Remember that the runners will be tired so instructions should be short and clear. To do this properly you will need to understand the route of the course at your station.

• You must wear your hi-viz at all times. Runners need to be aware of you as they approach during a race.

• Please familarise yourself with the route and your marshal position. If you have any queries or questions whatsoever, please make contact with Simon Veitch.

• Each marshal will have a directional arrow in case you have to leave your point during the race (emergencies only). Please return your sign back to the Sports Club. Other signage will be collected by the signage team.

• Some of you (Louise Fishlock, Sally Gaudion, Charley Peters, Suzie Thompson and Nick and Jo Phillips) have more than one point. Start at the first point and once the sweep runner has passed you, move to your second point.

• Marshals must be able to travel to their position. Arrange lift sharing if possible. Parking is limited; especially on Roundway. Please ensure your car does not obstruct runners, residents or the public on the course.

• We cannot guarantee weather conditions; please wear appropriate clothing (and footwear).

• Be polite to members of the public.

• Smile, encourage the runners, cheer and enjoy!

• Stay on your position until passed by the sweep runner (Sophie Edwards). However, please do not follow the sweep (and last runner). Please give them a few minutes to pass you. The last runner is as important as the first runner. Put yourself in their position – how would you feel if the race was being ‘packed up’ behind you.



Although highly unlikely, the pressures of competition can cause competitors to become aggressive; this can manifest itself in the form of verbal abuse

This however is unacceptable. If you feel that you receive any abuse, please take note of the competitor’s number and pass the information including details of the circumstances onto the Race Director immediately.




• If a runner, spectator or other road user needs first aid it is your responsibility to summon appropriate help. We have mobile paramedics and first aiders moving along the course. Where assistance is required advise the Medical Director, Ian Tuckett of the need for urgent attendance quoting your location. He will dispatch the most appropriate responder.

• Make a note below of the runners number and any medical issues and emergency contact details from the back of the number.

• Warn other runners of any hazardous situation.  In extreme circumstances, stop runners approaching danger.

• Advise competitors retiring from the race of quickest way back to the Sports Club. Take a note of their race number and report with location reference to the Medical Director. Ask them for their leg chip.

• Advise retirees unable to walk back to the Sports Club, that a first aid vehicle or courtesy vehicle will arrive to pick them up.  Note race number and report urgently to Ian Tuckett.

• IMMEDIATELY report any other serious incident to the Race Director for his action or noting (reporting to emergency service(s), local authorities, etc).


Make sure you understand your location and the requirements of that part of the course.

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