Sofa to 5k testimonials from our 'graduates'

Gemma (completed in 2019)

I entered 2019 C25K wanting to get fit and hoping I wouldn’t be shown to be as terrible at sport as I thought I was!

My aim was to get to 5k but I have now gone way beyond that and have entered my first half marathon.

The social side is something I had never considered, I am now apart of a club which I adore; the most welcoming, friendly and supportive club. I have made some life long friends and even my kids enjoy races as they feel part of the club too.


Fiona (completed in 2019)

OMG C25k was amazing. I was really nervous about signing up.

How on earth was I ever going to run continuously for over 30 mins - I had no idea!!!! But I did!

If you are nervous about signing up on your own - don't be. It was the best thing I ever did.

I’ve made many new friends and absolutely love it. DRC are the most friendly and supportive bunch of people I’ve ever met. The encouragement they give is beyond amazing and is the reason I continued running, joining the club after our graduation 5k Park Run in March. Since then I have knocked 3 minutes off of my 5k time and ran my first 10k in October.

I don’t find running easy but I keep getting out there. It’s great for mental health, meeting new people and it means you can still eat cake!!!

Sign up now - it really will be the best thing you do in 2020!


Nick (completed in 2018)

Christmas was over it was now time to sign up for the Couch to 5k with Devizes Running Club. This idea came from a neighbour who had completed the course last year and was still going strong. I wanted to get fit and had The Hell Runner Race as my goal, which wasn’t until 24th November 2018, so not too unrealistic.
A Friend of mine asked me to do this run with him about six years ago, which I never did, due to lack of fitness.

When I arrived at DRC for my first session there were lots of us all feeling the same, nervous and wondering what were we doing there! The DRC team were very welcoming and soon made me feel relaxed. I guess this had been a big step for us all, just to turn up.

For the next few weeks we officially met once a week but for those of us who were willing and able Hannah, Simon and Ashley arranged to meet with us again for another session. In the weeks to follow I was surprised by how addicted I came to being a part of this new life. I used to return from work five days a week feeling exhausted and sitting on the sofa in from of the TV just seemed to be the only option, although I was told previously that the hardest thing about exercise is leaving the house, which is very true.

Tricky weather conditions were battled but 17th March soon came along and that was our first 5k. This was held at the Parkrun in Melksham. We had snow! 
As far as I can remember pretty much all of the group that started in January made it to the 5k. Before this occasion we had been running 5k as a team but this was a nerve racking and tough experience. The feeling when you cross that line is amazing and the great sense of achievement is unbelievable. I would recommend this process to anyone. Following this we were presented with our Couch to 5k Medals, what a great feeling.

Although a great achievement, the feeling of the unknown comes next. You have completed the course but I felt I wanted to go on, although, was i good enough?

I was soon reassured by DRC that all abilities are welcome. I then officially joined the club. I was loving my weekly routine of running one day and speed sessions on another day.

Since then I have completed three 10k races and a 5 mile race which is amazing for me. The feeling I get from completing a race is so hard to put into words.

On 23rd September I was signed up to run the Bristol Half Marathon. That weekend was the most nerve wracking weekend I have ever had, the thought of running 13.1 miles was daunting. When I woke up, which was many times during the night, it was pouring with rain. I had an early start along with three of my fellow couch to 5k Buddies. We were all excited and very nervous and just wanted the race to begin. We were all in the pink wave and set out at 9.54am.

2 hours 32 minutes and 14 seconds later I actually made it over the finish line. 
For the first 10 to 11 miles all was good, there was live music along the way and random people calling out encouragement. I really struggled on the final part, just felt I had nothing left to give. Then I came across DRC supporting very loudly which was extremely lifting, I couldn’t look at them I was too emotional.
I somehow carried on running and crossed the line. Feeling drained and somewhat in a different World. What an achievement.

10th January to 23rd September, what a difference to my life, great Friends, great exercise and great support from DRC.

A big thank you to all the Devizes Running Club.



Nikki (completed in 2018)

Best new year’s resolution I’ve ever made. From a non-runner to being able to run up to 11k in 10 months, it not only built my fitness levels up but also my confidence in myself. I never thought I’d say it, but I enjoy running with DRC and have made some great running buddies along the way.



Jacqui (completed in 2018)

I never thought of myself as a runner, but I decided to join the Sofa to 5km course with Devizes Running Club to get fitter, lose some weight and hopefully make new friends (I’m very glad to say I did all 3!).

I didn’t know anyone at the course, but I took a chance. There were a range of abilities there and it would have been easy to quit after the first session through self-doubt and defeat. But running is a personal thing. You will learn not to compare yourself to others but to set your own goals and the club are friendly and supportive in helping you to reach these

Running has taken me to lots of new places and has made me achieve things I never thought I was capable of.

When starting in January 2018 I didn’t think I’d be running the Bristol Half Marathon in September, but I did! The club were there cheering us on and it was such a wonderful experience.

So, if you’re unsure whether to join or not I’d say take the chance, it may change your life for the better as it did mine.

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