2020 Race Series

The Race Series is designed to promote healthy competition between club members but also collectively against the rest of Wiltshire.

Why are we doing the race series?

• To encourage members to attend local races and compete in the WRRL.

• To encourage competition within the club.

• During the lead up to a race series event, we can focus our interval training sessions on that event. Sessions are easier to coach if you have a goal.


How does the scoring work?

The first DRC runner will get 1 point, the 2nd will get 2 points and so on until all runners are accounted for.

Non-runners will get two points more than the number of points of the last runner of the highest attended race. For example, if the highest attended race attracted 20 members, then 22 points would be added to each non-runner, of every race.

The winner will be the runner with the least points at the end of all the race series events.

If there is a tie for the winners, then the last race will be taken into consideration until a winner is established.


2020 race series

The following races are included in the 2020 race series:

1. Westbury 5k  19th May (cancelled), 16th June, 21st July and 18th August (best time to count)

2. Shrewton Bustard 10k - 17th May (cancelled - there is no 2020 event due to COVID-19)

3. Compton Bassett - 23rd August (postponed from 31st May)

4. Great Chalfield 10k - 25th June

5. Frome 10k - 19th July

6. Two Tunnels 10k - 16th August

• All races are in the Wiltshire Road Race League.



The results will be collated throughout the year and awards will be presented to the top three highest scoring men and women at the Presentation Evening in 2021.

2019 Race Series


1. Good Friday 10 Miler
2. Heddington 5k
3. Shrewton Bustard 10k
4. Colerne ‘Under the Posts’ 5 miler
5. Chippenham Half Marathon
Calne Clock Challenge


Male winners

1st - Melvyn Cook (77 points - 5 races entered)

2nd - Craig Richardson (79 points - 5 races entered)

3rd - Simon Gilbert (108 points - 4 races entered)


Female winners

1st - Angela Johnson (109 points - 5 races entered)

2nd - Sarah Crittle (123 points - 5 races entered)

3rd - Jemma Coates (144 points - 6 races entered)

2018 Race Series


1. Castle Combe 10k

2. Calne Clock Challenge 10k
3. Compton Bassett 5 mile
4. Chippenham 5 mile
5. Salisbury Half Marathon
6. Grittleton 10k


Male winners

1st - Mark Adams (19 points - 6 races entered)

2nd - Dave McKenna (20 points - 6 races entered)

3rd - Gareth Hogg (78 points - 4 races entered)


Female winners

1st - Chrissie Adams (79 points - 4 races entered)

2nd - Gill Hogg (102 points - 4 races entered)

3rd - Sarah Maslin (105 points - 4 races entered)

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